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Friday, 26 August 2016

organic squarebars - they're pretty darn good!

squarebar mint
So a few weeks back, I won a giveaway on Instagram and a super exciting box of goodies arrived at my house.  Included in the prize was a selection of Square Bars - which are organic protein bars if you haven't already heard of them.

Now, I don't count macros, I don't track my food anymore (I used to, but got a little obsessed with myfitnesspal) and I don't really know how much of what and when I should be eating.  I tend to follow my own rules, not too many carbs, plenty of protein, and I should keep the sugar and fats down...but that ain't so easy!

In the last few months, I've started trying to up my protein intake and I'm quite partial to the odd protein smoothie here and there, but I've never tried any of the bars or anything like that, so I was quite intrigued by these chocolate squares.

Now, don't judge me, I'm not a nut fan, I know, I KNOW! I'm missing out on all the peanut butter goodness you guys rave about all the time, and I'd so much like to love it, but I really really don't, so I passed the almond and peanut flavours over to my dad...he's trying to put weight on at the moment so figured these would help.

That left me with mint, cherry, coconut and chocolate coated crunch, all of which sounded amazing! At (approximately) 200 calories a square, I wasn't totally sure when I should be eating these as I generally try not to eat things like 200 calorie chocolate bars (I really need some guidance in this area), anyway I decided to eat them as half before my workout, and half after.  I'm still not really sure when the best time to eat protein is in relation to workouts, so figured I couldn't go wrong with that format.

squarebar coconut
Anyway, OH MY, these bad boys are goooood! Like so good, really chocolatey, really satisfying and provide me with lots of energy for my gym sesh.  They taste as good as a full fat, full of crap, chocolate bars, but they're organic and full of allllll the good stuff.  They also have a good protein content, (so I'm told- see earlier point about  not really knowing this stuff) AND they're square, which makes a nice change from all the other standard chocolate rectangles.

So in a nutshell, these are good, like, really good, the only problem is I can't decide which my favourite flavour is, which just means I gotta keep eating them all.

And for the record, this isn't a sponsored post, I actually really enjoy them and I was pretty chuffed with how good this photo below is, so wanted an excuse to show it off...I'm fickle like that.

squarebar cherry

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

the couple who exercise together, stay together, right?

sweaty circuits

This week, the Mr came to a circuits class with me.  

We didn't get off to a great start.  I've been telling him he should come with me for months now, 'you'll enjoy it', 'it'll be a good change from your running', 'there's loads of guys that do it', and he's always said he would, and never has.  This week I basically bet that he wouldn't come, but being a stubborn old chap, he came just to prove a point.

I find him outside the gym with a slightly sulky face, it then takes what felt like an eternity to get him registered in the system and signed up, it wasn't quite the romantic enjoyable start to the class I'd expected.

But not to be defeated, I filled him in on the way that class worked and promised to stick with him to keep him right.

All was going smoothly, warm up went well, we were working our way round the stations, he even looked like he was enjoying it.  Then the teacher upped the ante, 30 seconds of HIIT followed by 30 seconds on the stations.

Now if you've been reading this blog for a while, you may know that I am a bit of sweat-er (read this post if you'd really like to know more about the topic!) and so by this point it's a-flowing, and I'm starting to get pretty knackered.  You know what I mean, involuntary grunting as you try to keep lifting, excessive panting as you try to keep up the burpee reps and that sweat? Well it just keeps coming.

I see him glance at me, while I mop the sweat from my forehead and cleavage, and I'm sure I see a  look of disdain, a look which says 'what happened to the girl I married last year?'

I'm not sure we'll be going back to circuits together any time soon...

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