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Sunday, 18 March 2012

hello world

So, as this is my first attempt at blogging, I thought I'd start with an introduction:

This is me (the girl) and this is the boy (who, unbeknownst to him is soon to become the guy-behind-the camera).

I also thought I'd start by telling you a few things about me:

1. I drink at least one can of Diet Coke a day.
2. I'm originally from Carlisle - officially the happiest place to live in the UK.
3. I'm currently very much into swimming in an attempt to have a bikini body by May*
4. If I was a guest on Saturday Kitchen, mushrooms would be my food hell.
5. I have a girl crush/just want to be her on Zooey Deschanel - who doesn't??
6. Salad Cream rules over Mayonnaise every time.
7. Jim Sturgess is top of my 'free pass' list.
8. Right now I really need a hair cut.
9. I enjoy drinking wine...and cider (not together!).
10. I'm not sure I'm very good at this blogging malarkey.

*I say May, I didn't say which May!

all about the girl


  1. Lol! I want to be fit by May too... just not this May ;)

    Such a great post - it's good to get to know the blogger behind the blog. Keep at it. The community is really great as there are so many supportive bloggers out there.

  2. Waaaaaaah !! Another Cumbrian blogger !! Just found you after Sara Luxe gave you the RT.. LOVING the blog.



    1. Yay, you're actually from Carlisle too, even better :)

      Glad you like my blog xx


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