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Monday, 13 August 2012

boobs, bras and a little review

I'm going to start this post by saying something controversial, it might get me a few negative remarks, I may even bear the brunt of some of those 'anonymous comments' but I hope in the main you'll respect me (?) and possibly even agree.  So, here goes.... I'm happy with my boobs!

There, I said it, not that big of a deal right? Don't get me wrong, I don't think they're perfect, I'm not going to brag about them and I certainly don't want to come off as sounding arrogant.  The thing is, I'm 27 and I've just learn to live with them.

However, one thing I do not enjoy is shopping for new bras.  I really, really hate it.  I don't know if it's because you have to stand in changing rooms, in unflattering light, half naked which inevitably causes me to stand and criticise all of the bits of my body that I don't like.  There is a reason you (and I!) never see my stomach.   Or if it's because it seems to turn into such a lot of effort.  I also have the problem that I can't seem to find any bras on the High Street that fit me, comfortably.  After many years of searching high and low there is one make in Debenhams that suits (it's Presence, if you're interested) but I don't find underwear shopping an enjoyable experience, it's just a big, fat chore in my view.

So when I was contacted by 'Curvy Kate' asking if I'd like to review some of their sets I jumped at the chance (especially as I'd had a cheeky little look at their website).  If I now had two brands to shop from this would make life a little easier, I could also try them on at home in my own time...with the lights down low! 

So I suppose you're probably all wondering, I'm a 34D for the record, and 'Curvy Kate' specialise in bras for cup sizes D-K, for the curvier girl.  I liked the sound of this.  They also wanted their underwear to be pretty, feminine even sexy for those of us who are a graced with a bit more up top, rather than the unattractive 'over the shoulder boulder holders' we're normally lumbered with.

I was allowed to chose two sets, so I went for a classic black, and a classic white.  One with a slightly more structured feel (Elegance), and one with a more simple look (Emily).  As soon as I'd opened them I knew I'd made a good choice, and the good news? They fitted perfectly!

They actually fit better than any other bras I already have...sweeping statement I know.  But this brand has just got it right.  They are aware that us girls have curves, and curves in places that some girls don't.  We also need structure and support...and slightly thicker straps.  They have taken everything into account, but also made them look really lovely.

So I'm not going to be adding any pictures of me in the sets, you don't need to see'll just have to take my word for it, and make do with this photos.  Sorry for the poor quality, but have you ever tried taking photos of bras? It's really difficult!  But I hope you can see enough to believe me when I say they're lovely.

And I'll tell you one thing, I definitely know where I'll be shopping for my bras from now on!
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  1. Good for you for writing this post- don't know why there is such a taboo in being happy with yourself! I am happy with my boobs too, in fact I quite like them! I'm quite slim (size 8) but my boobs are 32DD which makes bra shopping so hard for me too! Not many slim girls have biggish boobs so not many highstreet places even have this kind of sizing!

    I'll definitely be checking out this website to see if they have a size for me too! Thanks for sharing- I love the black set you chose! xx

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  2. I reaaally hope you don't get negative feedback on such a refreshingly honest and frankly important post for woman! good on you for feeling comfortable with your boobs! so nice to hear positivity! Ive a friend who has real real problems finding underwear to fit her F Cups!! So I will most definitely be sending her to Curvy Kate!

    thanks for a brilliant post.

  3. Good for you! I hate that human bodies are just a target for cencorship. There's what? at least 3.5 billion females on the planet? That's 7 billions boobs yet nearly everyone feels that they can't talk about them. I've had a look about on the Curvy Kate website and really love their underwear, unfortunately I'm a c cup so I'll just have to stick to Debenhams :( x

  4. Such lovely bras, shame Im a b! xx

  5. They look great! :) I'm a 36DD and fairly happy with it! (just a shame when some of the 'in fashion' - no shape - tops look like tablecloths on me!) will have a look at Curvy Kate.

    Sam x

  6. Good for you! I really think growing to like or at least accept your body comes with age as you kind of said!
    I've heard of Curvy Kate before but not yet tried their bras! I have a really awkward bra size, I'm a 30 back which is a pain regardless of cup size! I hate bra shopping too so I end up buying lots on the web to try at home - makes me feel a little more comfortable! I love the black set! xx

  7. I truly believe that beautiful bodies come in many shapes and sizes. And a confident girl with a lovely personality can pull off anything! Great post. It's great that you found a shop for you. Unfortunately, I'm a little too little for Curvy Kate :)

  8. This is a great review! It's so difficult to find lovely high street sets that fit properly. Will definitely look at Curvy Kate :)

  9. I loved this, and can't see why you would get awful comments….people should be encouraging positivity. I am slim-ish, but also have not very much up there lol, yet i love shopping for underwear….my underwear draw could take over the world!!! Well come to think of it…so could every drawer for that matter!

    Fab post my dear xxxx

  10. Thanks for posting this! I'm a 32DD and presence is the only brand I've found comfortable as well. I hate having to go to Debenhams and looking at granny-style over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders all the time! :P Curvy Kate looks good but I wish it was a little cheaper! Student budget just does not allow for comfy bras haha xx

  11. I also hate bra shopping mainly because i look like a 7 year old boy on the top half of me. *scowl* you shouldn't feel afraid to write amazing statements like that, just reading you say you love your boobies made me smile and spreading positivity is AMAZING. laaaaarve it xx

  12. Really enjoyed reading this post, I'm the exact same with buying bras as I'm slim but 'a bit bigger on top'! I never enjoyed buying any on the highstreet and resorted to buying online and found they cost much more, which is trickier and only have one or two brands I like. I've never tried Curvy Kate though or heard of them, so I'll have to give them a go :)
    Daniella x

  13. I'm really gutted, I used to be quite happy with my boobs, but recently having lost weight I dropped a lot of bra sizes. Which means I really need to get around to buying some new bras which actually fit me, probably meaning I need to be measured first as I don't know what bra size I am now.

  14. I like my boobs too!

    I struggle to find bras that fit, as I have a backsize of 30. Although they're expensive, like really expensive, I love going to rigby and peller, their underwear is absolutely amazing. Their bra fitters are amazing too. The white bra looks absolutely stunning!

    Kate xx

  15. im so glad you linked me to your blog!! i find it so hard to bra shop!! with out them also being frumpy bras!! im definitely going to be checking curvy kate out!!!

    Jess xxx


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