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Friday, 9 November 2012

thailand travels and help needed!

If you follow me on Twitter (I’d like to say follow me, but I’m actually quite a boring tweeter) you may have noticed my rather excited exclamations recently about my impending trip to Thailand, yes I’m going to Thailand!!

I’ve wanted to go to Thailand since watching The Beach…scarily over 12 years ago! So me and the boy are finally doing it and jetting off in January.

So I thought if I posted about it (we’ve planned half our trip) some of you lot might be able to help with suggestions, and must see places and things to do! We’re totally clueless, and because we’re leaving it a tad last minute we’re trying to book as much as possible in advance…so like I said, I need help.

Our route (we think) is going to be something like this: 

Bangkok (for NYE, OH EM GEE)
Chiang Mai
Phi Phi
TBD – poss Krabi
Ko Phangan
Ko Tao
And back to Bangkok

One place I’d really like to see is the Khao Sok National Park but I can’t work out if we can get there or should I say how we get there, especially as we might only be able to have one night there, but look HOW amazing this accommodation looks:

We’re hoping to do an elephant trek, a thai cooking course and OF COURSE get a thai massage.  We’ve also cheekily booked ourselves into 5 star accommodation for 5 nights in Phi Phi, I’m expecting paradise and 5 days of sheer luxury, chilling out on the beach and of course working on my tan.

BUT, this isn’t all I need your help with…I’m now on holiday diet alert (although I’ve just found out I’m being taken out for lunch today, goddamit), the run up to Christmas isn’t exactly the easiest time to diet, comfort dinners of sausage mash and Sunday afternoons spent watching films and eating chocolate is all too easy!  So, I need healthy meals suggestions…preferably lunch as I’m most rubbish at that, and lots and lots of encouragement! If you see me on Twitter moaning that I can’t be bothered to go swimming (I don’t do gyms) then please SHOUT AT ME!

The countdown is on...7 weeks to go!

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  1. You should see if any of the beaches are holding a full moon party. A friend of mine from uni went to one and there were pictures of it all over. It looks like a really good night. And my kind of power lunch food is always a mixed salad with crutons and chiritzo with a dressing. Mmmmm yum with smoothie or fruit juice and because im a sucker for sweet things i still allow myself a small snack size chocolate bar xx

  2. Wow cannot believe you're going to Thailand!!! What a fab experience!! My friend went travelling to Oz a few years ago and went via Thailand and back round - she said it was incredible!!! I cannot comment on the exotic travelling expedition but as for food, im a bit like you. Im fine when i actually get to exercising, but its hard to summon the strength when its cold and dark post work.

    For lunch at the minute im loving fresh soups - if i can be jiggered i do make my own, but failing that tesco and m&S fresh ones are usually fab and they usually have deals on so they work out quite cheap. I usually have it with some oatcakes. They're great as they fill you up loads more than bread. For afternoon snacks, carrot sticks/apple and peanut butter are great, or if you're not a fan swap the peanut butter for philadelphia.

    I do realise you probably didn't need this much info as i think you look lovely just as you are but as i know nothing about travels of the exotic kind, i thought i would make up for it lol.

    Back once again with the epic comments!!! Ha!!!! xxxxx

  3. Oh you're such a glampacker! ;)

    Ko Phi Phi is my fave place in Thailand! Make sure you visit Ko Phi Phi Ley. I wouldn't bother going to Ko Tao unless you want to dive.

    You can do mini elephant treks in Chiang Mai which are lots of fun!

    I'd make time to visit Ko Chang but if you like glamping I'm not sure if it will be your thing! We like to stay in huts/secluded places. It's my boyfriend's favourite part of Thailand - super chilled and perfect for tanning.

    The Style Rawr!

  4. I've been to Thailand a couple of times on my travels. Chang Mai was definitely one of my favourite places. A great way to see it is by bike - when I was there you could rent them from Duang Champa (a guest house) and they gave me a map of where all the major temples were - great way to see them! The Sunday Walking Street is a brilliant market too. And a thai massage at the Womens' Prison (not nearly as dodgy as it sounds). I stayed at Gap's House which is a lovely guest house and you can sign up to cooking classes which are great fun! Oh and apparently Elephant trekking up there is amazing but I didn't have enough money - if you want the name of the cruelty-free 'elephant orphanage' I can ask my sister.
    In Bangkok, Chatuchak market is a must visit (at least once!) - it's huge and very disorientating but amazing all the same! The Golden Mount is a great temple in the city.
    With Ko Phangan try and coincide your visit with a full-moon party!
    Hope that helps!
    So jealous, you'll have an amazing time!

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