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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

guest bloggers wanted...please!

So life is pretty chaotic for me at the moment, I have my last day at work on Friday, I leave London on Tuesday, then it's Christmas, then it's holiday time!  At the moment I'm spending every spare moment packing, our living room is full of boxes, and in a couple of days we're going to eating takeaways every night as kitchen utensils will be packed.

And when I'm not packing, I'm trying to cram in all the things in London that I haven't managed to do in the five years I've lived here, as well as spend time with friends I'm probably not going to see for a while.  So blogging has very much taken a back burner...and it's probably going to get worse in the next few weeks before it gets better.

I'm going to be living back at home with the rents (hrmm!!), doing last minute Christmas shopping and while trying to live out of boxes, I'll be trying to get ready for a three week holiday!

Now this is where you lot come in, I'd love to say that I'm super organised and got a load of posts scheduled for while I'm away...yep, that hasn't happened.  So I am looking for some guest bloggers, yes really! We fly on 29th December, and aren't back until 21st January (amazing, right!) and I imagine the few days surrounding that are going to be hectic...I still need to find a new job.

If you would like to help me out, I'd very much appreciate it, any type of post that's kind of in-line with my blog would be splendid, outfit shots, beauty reviews, baking, lifestyle or your own attempt at Trend on Trial! If you're interested then please drop me an email at , not sure yet how many I'm going to need, but every little helps, right?

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  1. Hey :) I'd love to do a guest post for you! My blog is

    Anna x

  2. Have emailed you! enjoy your holiday! where are you going?! x x

  3. emailed you! enjoy your holiday xox

  4. Im in!! (did you ever doubt it?!?lo) I shall email you later on my dear. By god you dont do things by halfs do you?!?!? Hope all is well xxxxx

  5. I would love to be a part of your blog :)
    my blog is
    if you want to have a look :
    let me know :D

  6. I would love to guest-blog for you! Off to e-mail you right away. :)

    Love Joyce

  7. I love to join in too! :D i will sent u a mail! What a long holiday!!!!x

  8. I would love to help out as I am working over the holidays and in work mode.

  9. I too would love to guest post!!!

    xxx rebecca


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