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Sunday, 29 April 2012

holiday wishlist

It's now one month till my holiday which means I am officially allowed to do my holiday wishlist, at last!! I'm also heading to Forever21 after work on Tuesday too to pick up some bargains.

1. Of course a nice bright lipstick is perfect for Summer holidays, and if you've seen my Stylist Trend on Trial posts you'll know that I'm trying to step out my beauty comfort zone, so why not go for a neon lippie.
2. This is a perfect party bikini, not sure I could keep it up with my boobs, I've never risked a strapless one before and I do like to play about in the pool, might have to have a re-think...
3. I'm a big fan of this style of sunglasses and as pastel is everywhere this year why not indulge in the lastest trend?!
4.  Love Dahlia, love yellow for Summer, love this dress!  I actually popped into the Dahlia boutique off Carnaby street today and they had a gorgeous denim gilet with a lace trim, but I couldn't find it on their website.  I'm thinking of heading back this week to buy it.
5. Again, embracing the pastel trend.  Not sure my bum would welcome these short shorts, or the rest of the holiday goers for the matter so I think I'll just like these from afar. 
6. Perfect holiday maxi skirt, the print is beautiful and it would look great with just a simple vest for the evening.  Adding to basket right now!

If any of you spot any wedges (not too high) can you please let me know? I want some for my holiday and I'm struggling to find the perfect pair...

all about the girl 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: 2 in 1

Wednesday mornings are now filled with nervous anticipation for me, I pick up my copy of Stylist and flick straight to page 40.  This week I was a little disappointed, Messy Bed Hair? That's what my hair looks like most mornings after battling with the tube.  So, I decided I wouldn't give up my challenge, I'd happily give the messy bed hair a go, but perhaps I should push myself that little bit further!  I delved into the abyss, (ok, under my bed) and pulled out a random, old copy of Stylist, yes I do keep old copies, and flicked through to page 40.  And what was it? Plum lips.  I was going to slip it back under my bed and reach for another one but I thought no, let's give this a go.  You can find Joanna's plum lips feature here if you want to see her version.

And here are the results:

I followed Joanna's tips to achieve the bed head look, roughly blow drying my hair that was prepped with Paul Mitchell texturising products.  My hair is really fine, and generally loses all volume as soon as I step out the house, so I knew product was a must.  (By the way, if you haven't used Paul Micthell products before I would highly recommend them).  Even with the scrunching, twisting and twiddling attempts I still didn't feel I'd fully achieved the look, queue more product, a bit of backcombing and some nifty straightening techniques I got there in the end.

The first set of pictures I took, my hair just looked a mess, and I don't mean bed head chic, I mean a mess! Too much product, limp and lank.  So I brushed it, the pictures now make it look a bit too done!!  I probably should have done my usual routine, stepped outside, and let nature take control and I would have achieved better results.

Now these lips really are out of my comfort zone, not only are they plum, they're plum coated with a clear lipgloss!!! Now that is intense.  Again, I figured this look needs a fairly blank canvas, minimal colour elsewhere to achieve the most dramatic look, but wear a dark lipstick AND give up the eyeliner, now that's just expecting too much.

I chose Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick in Starry Eyed to try out the plum lip, it looked the perfect colour in the tube but it wasn't quite as purple as Joanna's.  I actually quite liked the lipstick, the colour would be great for a night out but it is hard work! No reapplying without a mirror, lip liner definitely needed and a steady hand.  

My overall verdict? I like the lip look for a night out and the hair? Still in two minds.  My main concern? I'm heading out for lunch with the boy's parents today and I'm pretty sure their going to think I'm meeting them after a heavy night having not been to bed, doing the walk of shame, not a good look!

So what do you think?

all about the girl

Friday, 27 April 2012

heart to heart outfit post

Dress: New Look
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

I know the light's really poor in these pictures but we've got one of those energy saving light bulbs in our bedroom and it's really not good for outfit pics, so sorry about that!

 This dress is from New Look and I must have literally looked in about 8 New Look's until I found it.  I'd seen a girl wearing it out and decided that I needed it in my wardrobe, I eventually found it in Darlington, even after looking in several London stores.

I took a close up photo of the print of the dress so you could see it properly, it's tiny little hearts in different colours, and it's so cute! My favourite part of the dress though has to be the red buttons, heart shaped of course, all the way down the back.  I really think I should be wearing it with a patent red belt, but alas, I do not own one, really need to sort that out hey?

We (I say we, I mean the boy aka my technical wizard) tried to take a close up shot of my necklace but for some reason the camera wouldn't focus on it.  It's one of the pocket watch style necklaces that are around everywhere at the moment, it was a Christmas present the year before last though so I like to think I got there before the rest of the crowd ;)

Friday, at last!! What are you all up to this weekend? 

all about the girl

Thursday, 26 April 2012

quintessentially british

I read this article last week in my favourite magazine, Stylist (if you didn't already know, I love Stylist), and it really got me thinking about British style and the ever changing 'person of the moment'.  Kate Middleton is the nation's princess and I think Stylist really hit the nail on the head when they highlighted that one of the reasons society has not only accepted her, but embraced her, is partly down to her shopping in high street stores, and credit to her for that!! I was amazed to read that Reiss' website was down for TWO hours after she was photographed wearing their beige bandage dress (seen here). And does anyone else remember this red dress that Mylene Klass wore in her first M&S advert? I looked everywhere for that dress, and it sold out online almost instantly.  Would either of those dresses have sold so quickly if an unknown retail fashion model had been wearing them?  I think not.

British fashion has always been very distinctive, believe it or not, we're actually considered 'fearless' when it comes to our style; individual and unique being common definitions. I remember a French girl at work telling me she was always amazed at how well we 'British' layer things, and actually complimented us for it. She is one of the most chic people I have ever met, but thinking about it, I never saw her wearing anything patterned!!

Obviously I am aware of our favourite British beauties and how we instantly want to replicate their look, why else would fashion labels regularly show images of celebs in their clothing, but it's incredible to think that one image of one person can create such hype. Remember the impact Sienna had on fashion? Boho was everywhere!

So, with this is mind I thought I'd show some of our nation's favourites, and some of my personal favourites.  I hope you like :)

Golden Oldies:
1. Sienna Miller – the Queen of boho, I remember eagerly logging onto ASOS and searching Sienna.
2. Alexa Chung - Her tomboy approach won her the 'Style Icon' award, and she has a Mulberry bag named after her, need I say more?
3. Kate Moss - I couldn't possibly post this without mentioning this international fashion icon…from Croyden!

Been around a while, staying around a while:
4. Emma Watson - previously known as geeky Hermione, also awarded 'Style Icon', this girl has revolutionised getting a haircut!
5. Carey Mulligan - This English rose is not yet considered a fashionista, but she regularly graces the pages of our top fashion magazines for her unique red carpet approach.
6. Cara Delevingne - love her, love her style, love her eyebrows.  The new face of Burberry, and I’m pretty sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of her.  Alexa and Kate might have to up the stakes!

Ones to watch out for:

6. Claire Foy - recently starred in White Heat and Upstairs Downstairs, and has been pipped as rising star of 2012.  Not just a pretty face :)
7. Leomie Anderson - one of the 'new faces' of reality tv programme The Model Agency. I loved this programme and loved Leomie, I knew there was big things to come for her, especially when she was selected to open the Loewe show.  If like me, you’re a regular ASOS customer, you’ll know her now as one of their new models.
8. FelicityJones - definitely one to look out for, doesn't she look beautiful in those pictures? You might recognise her from Cemetery Junction and Like Crazy, but soon I don't think it'll be just her acting she's known for, she reportedly outshone Natalie Portman on the red carpet!

And just because, one of my all time faves, Fearne Cotton:

9. Found here - Looking serene and sophisticated in her own range for Very
10. Foundhere - Rock Chick
11. Foundhere - Red Carpet Glamour
12. Found here - What a ledge! :)
I think Fearne has great British style, she’s regularly seen sporting band t-shirts, skinny jeans and converse, but also hits headlines in her vintage dresses.  I wish I had her wardrobe.

And finally, I thought I'd show you some of our classic British Bloggers:
13. Sarah of I am Fabulicious is 40s glamour personified.

If you looked up English Rose in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure it would say 'Carrie of Wish Wish Wish'

And Vicki of The Magpie Girl, although not a natural redhead, she certainly lives up to her Irish heritage. 

So, who are your favourite British beauties? And who do you think is the  most influential?

all about the girl

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

channelling chanel outfit post

Dress: Primark
Necklace: ASOS
Shoes (Black Loafers just seen): Next

This is what I wore to work yesterday, the first time I wore this dress my boss told me it looked like something Chanel would design, queue very excited me.  On the same day another work colleague told me it reminded her of an ironic nun, queue unimpressed me!!

I now choose to ignore the second statement, and roll with the Chanel compliment despite the fact it has a Primark price tag (sshhhh).  I like to pretend a have that Parisian chic look when I wear it! I love style of this dress, it's so easy to wear and I regularly get complimented on it.  My only criticism is that the material doesn't feel very nice, it feels pretty cheap and polyester-y (know what I mean?), thankfully you can't tell by looking at it, I don't think..I hope?!

I thought I'd give you a close up jewellery shot today too, I wear this watch almost every day, apparently it's the type everyone used to have when they were kids??? I never had one so didn't know what people were talking about when I got it.  The face moves round from a Sun to a Moon and Stars when it gets to evening. It's from Urban Outfitters and I wear it pretty much every day.  It's the only watch I own though and would love to expand on that and have a collection, a different watch for each outfit :).
The necklace was a present from the boy when I was back home having my wisdom teeth out, bless him.  I got a little parcel in the post with a hoody, some lip balms and this necklace, what a cutie! 

So here is my lastest OOTD, what do you think? I like doing outfit posts, but my concern is that I don't buy new clothes regularly (or as much as I would like to) so a lot of my posts will not always be brand new items, do you mind reading about older outfits or do you prefer bloggers who always have the latest fashions?

all about the girl

Sunday, 22 April 2012

weekend wishlist #6

At the beginning of this week I'd never even heard of Lavish Alice or Glamorous UK but thanks to thanks to the wonderful world wide web and my fellow bloggers, I now have two great new online stores to add to my list of many.  Thanks to Kavita for tweeting about Glamorous UK, I am literally about to hit buy on my basket of goodies.

1. Loving all prints right now, and this bird print is so cute, looks great with the brown belt too!
2. I've been lusting after a chunky white watch for a while now, think they look great in Summer with a tan.  Unfortunately this one is way out of my price range, but River Island have a similar one for £25.00, it's no longer on their website but I think it's available in some of the stores.
3. This would be great with blue skinny jeans and I really like the cross back feature, and it's only £13.99!!!
4. If you don't already know from this post, or you follow me on twitter, I've been after a replica of these Maison Martin Margiela rings for a while now, although I've heard the ASOS ones aren't great, if anyone else can recommend any others then please let me know : )
5. I saw this in the store today and I really like the boho feel of it, might have to buy this before my holidays, it would be lovely with flipflops and a black vest.
6. The contrast of the print skirt and denim top of this dress is great,  it's a bit different but pretty cool, yes please!
7. Apparently Louise from MIC is a big Lavish Alice fan, this just makes me like it even more.  This is just one of many cute blouses they have, took me a while to decide which was my favourite!

So, what's on your wishlist this week?

all about the girl 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: silver eyeshadow

I've been stuck in a beauty rut for about 5 years now, and I've finally, decided at the grand old age of 26, it's about time I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I never leave the house without a sweep of black eyeliner on my top lid, I very occasionally attempt a smokey eye, and because I have quite dry lips I  rarely even experiment with different lip shades.  Boring, yes, but it suits me!

I'm a huge Stylist magazine fan, and I would recommend it for all fashionistas and beauty fanatics if you're not already a reader.  One of my favourite features is Joanna McGarry's Trend on Trial, each week Joanna tries out the latest looks in the industry, whether it be on the catwalk, in vogue, or the latest TV trend.  So I decided what better way to begin my new 'image' than to give Joanna's trends a go.  This way, I could use her as my inspiration, and I wouldn't even have to come up with my own ideas, result.

I've got to admit, when I picked up this week's Stylist on Wednesday morning I turned straight to page 40 and exhaled a HUGE sigh of relief, silver eyeshadow, I can actually do that!! Previously, she's tried out orange make up, statement blusher and wild brows, eek, I'm definitely not ready to rock wild brows.

And here are the results.

I really think that to wear silver eyeshadow you have to embrace the whole snow maiden/ice queen look, this meant discarding my beloved bronzer (!!) and losing the eyeliner.  I almost gave up right there and then.  I also thought that I would have to try and make my skin look flawless, too much shimmer can often highlight those blemishes you've been trying so hard to cover up.

So, what do you think?

I'm still struggling with the lack of eyeliner, but on the whole, I quite like it.

And the boys opinion: *nods head* it's nice, it's just silver right? 

I'll take that as good enough :)

And if you are interesting in finding more of Joanna's and Stylist's Trends on Trial you can find them all here.

all about the girl

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