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Thursday, 28 June 2012

garnier summerbody deep sun-kissed moisturising lotion

Check me out and my scheduled posts, here's another one for you lovely lot while I'm attempted to schmooze some clients in Budapest.  In reality I'm probably blushing in the corner, trying to make conversation with an equally awkward Eastern European.  

But anyway, I thought I'd treat you to a fake tan post...of sorts.  I am by no means the type of person who is a religious fake tanner.  In fact, in the Winter I'm as white as they come (a childhood teacher even said I washed in Persil!), and the thought of lathering myself in fake tan, just to then cover up in layers of clothes is completely unappealing to me.  Come Summer,  and as soon as I have a hint of a natural tan I then turn into Carlisle's version of an Essex girl.  Ok, I'm not quite that bad, but I do suddenly feel the need to regularly top up the bronze from the bottle.

Because I'm naturally very fair skinned I'm scared of going for a full on fake tan, I've never used one, I would really like to try one out some time but I'm convinced I'm going to look like I've been tango-ed! Instead I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser, and I've used these since Johnson's brought out Holiday Skin all those many years ago...even my first attempt with that turned into a disaster.  

I now use, and only ever use, Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion in Deep Sun-Kissed Look.  I've used this for years, it seems to suit my skin and makes me a lovely natural looking tan.  Now I can't guarantee it would be as perfect for you as it is for me, but if you're fair skinned and afraid to give proper a fake tan a go, then definitely start with this.

It's a smooth consistency, easy to apply, and you don't need a lot to give a good covering.  I tend to apply once all over my body, with a second coat on my legs, because they are so unbelievably pasty.  If I want to have a slightly darker tone, for a special occasion, then I use two coats.  I'm terrible at doing the prep.. exfoliate, moisturise then tan, but it doesn't seem to matter with this.  I apply it, go to bed, and wait for it to work it's magic.

I thought I'd include a picture of my actually wearing it, I wanted to include a before image too but these pins are never photographed without fake tan on...sorry, you'll just have to take my word for it! And yes, this picture was taken a week after my holiday, but I have two layers of tan on my legs because they literally do not tan, like, ever!

Any other pasty girls out there who want to recommend any other fake tans to me then please do, it might be time for me to try something new.

all about the girl

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

work wear outfit post

As you may or may not know, as you are reading this I am away with work in Budapest, so I thought (well, I hoped) it might be interesting for you to see all the outfits I have planned.  Despite the weather being a rather pleasant 28 degrees I am going to be spending pretty much 8am - 6pm in meetings...lucky me.  But I will be going out in the evenings for dinner so hopefully I'll get to see a bit of the city.  

Although I am not expected to be suited and booted (phew) I am required to be a little more formal than my usual attire.  Hence a mad dash round Zara yesterday to purchase a blazer, and it's never easy to just buy one thing in Zara so I bought two skirts too, I justified my spending in that I actually needed the items for work, that's ok right?!  I could probably have spent even more but I have to try practice some restraint, plus I intend / need to buy some new make up in Duty Free!!
What do you think? Suitably formal for meeting clients, but still maintaining a bit of personality? I don't ever want to become a power suit wearing type of's just not me, and I like to think you can still be stylish and wear clothes with a bit of an edge!  

And if you're interested, here's the formalities:

1. Dress - Nelly* / Blazer - Zara
2. Dress - Topshop / Blazer - New Look
3. Blouse - Warehouse / Skirt and Blazer - Zara
5. Dress - Primark / Blazer - Zara
6. Dress - Zara
7. Shoes - Aldo

Would love to hear what your work wardrobe is like...I'm always look for new inspiration.

all about the girl

By the way, if you're trying to enter my giveaway, you MUST be a follower of both this blog, and a follower of Nelly on Twitter!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

a very exciting giveaway - 2 x £50 Nelly vouchers

I'm very excited to be bringing today's post to you.  I've you haven't already heard of Nelly, then where have you been? I was lucky enough to go to their launch party last month, which, by the way, was one of the best parties I have ever been too.  Free cocktails and free cider...and lots and lots of pretty shoes, what could be better? Unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me, so haven't got any photos, but lots of other bloggers were there so I'm sure you've already seen their snaps.

Anyway, Nelly is essentially Sweden's version of ASOS, think clothes, shoes, accessories and lots more.  The clothes start at very reasonable prices right up to high end designer so you can spend hours on their site browsing to your hearts content.  And I was lucky enough to receive a couple of their pieces to show off to you.

Dress / Studded Shirt - Nelly*

And now for the exciting news, not one but TWO of you lucky readers can win a £50 voucher for the Nelly website.  I told you it was exciting!!

Now for the boring bits, unfortunately it's UK only (sorry international peeps!) and the winners will be announced on Sunday 8th July.  You will need to enter through the Rafflecopter form below (I hope this works as I've never used it before) and the winner will be picked using this.  And, just to confirm, you have to be both a follower of this blog, and a twitter follower of Nelly who you can find here (@nellycom).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck Everyone!

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: the cerise lip

I was feeling pretty confident about this week's trend on trial, purely because it was all about the lipstick.  Just because I don't necessarily do lipstick on a daily basis, I now feel I can at least apply it.  I knew cerise was bold, but my previous lipstick trials had been quite successful and the comments had been good, so I had high hopes this week.

My only issue was...I didn't own a cerise lipstick.  So I trotted off to Boots with Stylist in hand.  The first juncture I faced was that I didn't want to invest too much money on a colour I knew I was unlikely to wear regularly.  Even Joanna herself had said that she owned 13 cerise lipsticks, and had barely worn them.  I eventually settled on 17's Lip Stain in Berry Crush.  In hindsight a cerise 'stain' perhaps wasn't the best idea, but I'm learning that hindsight often plays a big part in my trend on trials.

My main concern with this colour was that if it had any subtle blue tones then it was definitely going to wash me out, but, at the same time, would a colour like this go with  a strong bronze?!  I felt Joanna had similar-ish colouring to me, and the model in the picture so I dived in and went with a pink blush instead. 

So what do you think? Again, I'm finding it hard to go with bold lips, I struggle to keep lip balm on for longer than 5 mins, so I can't see me managing to keep this one up. It's not going to be a look I wear to the office, and I feel completely paranoid about wearing such a bright colour, but that's just because I'm not used to it. I always think Milly looks amazing in her bright lipsticks, and I wish I could rock them like her! Ask me again in a couple of months now that I'm embracing new things a bit more and I might have changed my tune.

(Just after writing all of the above I looked at my photos and realised actually I was wrong when I said I feel like I can now apply lipstick, my first set of photo's looked like the kid that had raided her mum's make-up bag...literally had it all round my mouth!)
all about the girl

P.S. Remember I said at the end of this post that I wanted to try the Soap and Glory eyeliner pen? Well I bought and I'm using it here, another thumbs up from me.  And, if you're not very good at using eyeliner I'd definitely recommend it as a beginners tool as it's really easy to use!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

dahlia dresses and a straw hat outfit post

Believe it or not we actually have some sun in London this week, yes actual sun, not rain, and a very nice surprise it is too.  On Sunday I promised the boy that I would take him out for Sunday lunch and as the weather was so nice I decided to use it as an excuse to dress up a bit, like when you're a kid and expected to wear your Sunday best!  

So as you know I regularly harp on about Dahlia, one of my absolute favourite brands who describe their style as 'modern British, fabulous fabrics with bespoke detailing' and this dress sums that up to a tee.  Everything about it is just perfect, from the print, to the shape, to the buttons on the waist, and I like to think it was made for me.  It regularly gets complimented, in fact, when wearing this on Sunday a girl on the street (that I didn't know!) said how much she liked it, and I can wear it all year round - as styled here in Summer, and with black tights in Winter.  The dress also has a really cute cut-out back but I forgot to get a photo of that - doh!
Dress - Dahlia
Shoes - Office
Hat - H&M
Bracelets - Topshop (birthday presents, yay!)

I love a hat, and I haven't had chance to wear this one since I got home from my hols, so I threw it on on Sunday to make the most of this weather.  I also rocked out my Office heels...again, and I was good to go.  Looking at these pictures though, I wish I'd slapped an extra coat of fake tan on my legs before I left the house, my holiday tan is no more, sad times :(

I hope you all are managing to make the most of the sun while it's here?! Floral dresses at the ready...

all about the girl

P.S. I did not get sponsored to write this post, I just really LOVE their clothes...also, they have a sale on right now, a really good one, I suggest you check you out before I buy the lot!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

sprinkle of glitter's 7 things in 7 days

Feeling inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter’s 7 things in 7 days post, I decide to join in and create my own.  Now I can’t promise I’m actually going to do this, and I’m going to set myself a one month target than one week, but I’m hoping by putting it out there, on the internet for all to see, I might feel a bit more motivated.  So here we go:

1. Complete the 30 Day Challenge - If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that last weekend I did a workout, as in a fitness workout, a 12 minute ‘Body Rock’ workout to be precise.  Now you might think that 12 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but OMG, it was more than enough.  And my lack of fitness was revealed when Monday – Wednesday following I could barely walk, by the Friday things were a little better, but stairs and sitting down were still an issue.  The workout I did was just a fitness test, I then have to complete a workout every day for 30 days, and re-do the fitness test at the end.  So far, I’ve done it three times (I had to rule out the first week as I couldn’t move), and now I’m going to aim to complete it by this time next month.  There, I’ve said it!

2.    Learn how to blow dry my hair, properly – this one kind of speaks for itself, if you read my latest Trend on Trial post you’ll know that when it comes to blow drying my hair, I blast it in 10 minutes and it’s done.  It’s not a question of time or speed, it’s all I can do, but I want luscious, bouncy locks and in one months time, I hope to have perfected them.

3. Cook more meals I’ve never cooked before – I enjoy cooking, I don’t know if I’d say I’m good at it, but I can follow a recipe and it comes out alright but I/we (me and the boy) are completely stuck in a meal rut, and eat the same meals over and over.  I want to start being more experimental and try out new things..tonight we’re having, wait for it, spaghetti Bolognese! This task doesn’t officially start till tomorrow.

4.  Brave the outside for my outfit posts – I love other people’s outfit posts that are taken outside, but for some reason the thought of this terrifies me, every week I think this will be the week I brave the great outdoors.  But I don’t have a garden, which means I have to go into a public space and pose, ahh! I have a beautiful big park right opposite my house and I know it would make the perfect backdrop…so watch this space.

5.  Finally make a decision between this skirt…and this skirt.  I asked Twitter, I asked the boy, I asked Facebook, I asked my mum, and I asked my wonderful blog readers.  The majority said the first one, my mum and the boy both said the second…I’m going to take the plunge and actually purchase one, then take a picture of me in it..outside!

6. Be more confident – this month work are sending me on a business trip, yes a trip where I meet clients, and I’m sh*tting myself!  I find it easy to hide behind emails (and blogs, and twitter) and I’ll chat like I’m your best friend, but in reality put me in a social situation where I don’t know anyone and I’m really shy.   Even the prospect of a blogger event fills me with nerves, and I’d really like to overcome that.

7.  And finally, host a blog giveaway – keep your eyes peeled, I may have one in the pipeline!

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to do the same, and I welcome any tweets or comments, general acknowledgements or words of wisdom to keep my motivated, me and motivation don’t always get along (especially when it comes to exercise!) so I need the help of you lovely lot. 

Have any of you set your 7 goals? I’d love to hear them, and hopefully help you along the way too.

all about the girl

soap and glory - make up

It's been way too long since I last did a review post, so I decide to resurrect them with the Soap and Glory make up I got for my birthday.  I know a lot of people love the Soap and Glory bath and skincare products, myself included but this was the first time I had tried their make up.  The products were a present from sister, who knows I am fully stocked up with Soap and Glory shower gel, moisturiser, exfoiliater so I was really excited when I opened the present and it was there make up range, I'd been dying to try it for a while but knowing how good they were at bath and bubbles, I was dubious about the make up.
So, here we go:

This is perfect for the smokey eye look, it's a very soft pencil so rather than giving a defined line it gives a soft, smudgey look.  Now as you know (or may not know!) I don't leave the house without a sweep of black eyeliner on my top eye lid but the pencil I was given is actually brown, which encouraged me to experiment a bit with a more natural liner, than the severe look I usually go for.  And it's really encouraged me to wear my make up like this more often!
Apparently, it's also waterproof, now I haven't cried or stood in the rain to test it, but I can confirm that it lasts all day, and doesn't give you panda eyes! My only criticism (although it's not really) is that it you definitely couldn't achieve a strong, bold line with this, but it doesn't claim to do that, it's a 'smoulder' kohl after all.

If you like Benefit Bad Gal, then you'll love this.  It's got a big, fat brush, I personally prefer a small, finer brush but that's just my preference rather than a negative point of this mascara.  It really coats your lashes, and makes them look long and very full.  The brush angles very slightly which also helps with application, and the colour is a strong, matte black.  For £10, I think it's a good buy!

I love a lip plumper, and this is by far the best I've ever used.  Yep, your lips tingle, like, really really tingle so be warned, but once you've overcome that then I believe it genuinely makes your lips look fuller.  Now, it may just be one of those tricks in that you just pout when your lips tingle, or the colour makes light shine at a different again, making your lips look plumper, but whatever it works! Now, I tried my hardest to take this pictures below without pouting and at the same size to show off this product, but I know they're not quite perfect so you'll just have to take my word for works!
Have you tried an of the other products, can you recommend any? I've definitely got my eye on the eyeliner pen!

all about the girl

Sunday, 17 June 2012

weekend wishlist #11

1.  I noticed a few people talking about Sugarhill Boutique on Twitter so of course I had to go and check it out, and this has now become another website to add to my list of favourites!  I should never have started this blog, previously I used to check out on a daily basis ASOS and Topshop, now I've discovered all these online boutiques, which is not good for my credit card.  This is the type of skirt I know I'd reach for time and time again, perfect for all's a winner in my books.
2.  Another polka dot item, the third in two weeks on my wishlist, think I'm addicted.  This would be a great work to evening type shirt, already thinking of endless ways of styling this little number.
3.  A friend told me about Kukee jewellery and within 5 minutes I had a basket full of pieces, there will be a post coming soon on my new items which arrived on Friday! All of the pieces are a fun, and SO reasonably priced, I've got my eye on this ring for a bargainous £2.50.
4.  I don't have any occasion to wear this dress, but that doesn't stop me really, really wanting it!
5.  Since I wrote my 'Zara Appreciation' post I've had to stop going in the shop, it's only 5 minutes from my office and far too tempting, and it seems I'm not the only one in the blogging world addicted to it.  I couldn't resist a cheeky look on their website today though and spotted this gorge studded clutch, yes please.
6.  Now this isn't the kind of item I'd ever usually like, but there is something demure and feminine I love about this, whether or not I'd actually wear it is another matter, but it's definitely nice to look at.
7.  Sugarhill Boutique strikes again, this vintage inspired dress is another item that would not be out of place in my wardrobe!
8.  And finally, I love a quirky necklace, I'm a sucker for them (see no. 3) and this horseshoe necklace is no exception, plus it's gotta be lucky right?

What's on your wishlist this week? And will you be checking out Sugarhill Boutique?! 

all about the girl 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: classic retro wave

Again, there wasn't a Trend on Trial in this week's Stylist so I decided to go back to the one I missed while I was on holiday - the Classic Retro Wave (you can find it here, page 46).  

Now, hair is a difficult one for me, ask me to do something technical like an upside down french plait, then I'm  your girl (thanks to hours as a child trying to perfect these things!), ask me to do a Cheryl Cole style blow dry full of volume then I'm rubbish.  I can't even attempt to co-ordinate a hairdryer AND a brush, which is why most of the time my hair is down and 'kinda' straight.  The ten minute blast is how I do my hair...every morning!

So I was looking forward to trialing this trend, it was going to be a challenge but hopefully not an impossible one.  I started by prepping my hair with the Paul Mitchell Thicken Up Styling Liquid, my go-to product when I want my hair to look that bit less fine than it actually is.  I was then pretty glad to read that Joanna insisted that your hair must be 100% dry before you attempt the long-lasting wave...this meant I could actually do the  quick blast, and keep my fingers crossed that my technical skills may come into practice.

I then put my hair into a side parting, which I figured would work better with my fringe, and help to perfect that Lana Del Ray look, and I set to.  Following Joanna's advice (yes, she is my beauty guru) I coated the ends of my hair in dry shampoo, apparently this helps to give the 'matte' look.  I then started, well, straightening.  I don't own tongs so I had to make do with my faithful GHD's. 

Once my hair was formed into some semi-perfect ringlets, I spritz it in hairspray and waited for it too cool down (again, Joanna's advice).  I then had to brush it out, yes, brush it out.  I was NOT happy about this.  But not wanting to let you all down..I did it, but rather than looking like a Del Ray beauty I looked more like Courtney Love after a heavy night out!!  But after fiddling a bit more, I think I achieved some kind of attempt at the long-lasting wave, but really I just need Joanna to come round here and show me how to do it properly.

So what do you think, and what do I think? Perhaps without my fringe, or a longer fringe I think it would have worked better.  But for a first attempt, I think it's not half bad!  

In hindsight, I wish I'd done a retro make-up look too, a classic red lip would really have finished the look off , but hey, hindsight is a beautiful thing!

Will you be trying out the classic wave? 

all about the girl

Thursday, 14 June 2012

happy birthday to me

As promised, here is my birthday present post.  When I laid them all out together I realised I'd been spoilt this year, so many pretty things! I also realised that my friends and family know me so well, makeup, beauty products, clothes and sweets...yep that just about sums me up.

So here they are in all their glory.  I don't think they need much explaining so here's a little summary:

So as you can see, there's the Yellow Kite Dress which I already featured here. 
A Cath Kidston Bag - This was from the boy and is especially for my swimming stuff, it's plastic so it doesn't matter if I'm putting wet things in it...I was previously using an M&S carrier bag, I'm that classy!
50 Shades of Grey & 50 Shades of Darker Books - present from a friend...she knows me too well, and I am completely jumping on the bandwagon, has anyone not read this book yet?!
Lots and lots of make up - including Soap and Glory products which I can't wait to try out, I love all their bath and body products so I've got high hopes for the make up, and will definitely do a post if you're interested?  
Jewellery - how well do those bracelets match the Topshop skirt?! And it's a total coincidence, the bracelets were presents from a friend, the skirt was from my mum - wow wee!
Hugo Boss Perfume - which for the record smells Ah-May-Zing.
I don't want to bore you with an explanation of everything so I think the rest speaks for itself? SWEETS!

But, I can't not mention the Matilda tickets! These are from the boy, and are the best present I received.  I've wanted to see it for soooo long, and now I'm finally going, yey. Have any of you seen it? Is it as good as everyone says it is?

So there you go, Happy Birthday to Me!!

all about the girl

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

warehouse wonders outfit post

Remember those few days of sun we had?! Nope, neither do I...but judging by these outfit pics we did have one or two days of good weather.  And I was even braving bare legs so it really must have been hot! 

Both of these items were purchased last Summer, but I think (don't quote me on this!) they've brought the shorts in again this year? So if you like, go buy! They're a soft denim so are uber comfy.  Just for the record, I'm not a stalker...but I was in Warehouse and I noticed the sales assistant wearing this outfit (with a white vest and black tights), I then hunted all the items down and here you go!

 Top/Shorts - Warehouse

Is anyone else a regular outfit stalker on an actual real life person? It only got really embarrassing when she'd moved onto the fitting room and I walk in holding all the items she's wearing.  Yes, true story!

So anyway,  I know I say this about 99% of the clothes in my outfit posts but I LOVE this top, like really love it! I've always been a fan of showing my back off (it's flat, unlike the other 'problem' areas) and this is just a cheeky little glimpse.  And, when I want to a bit more covered up...I just wear a white vest top underneath à la Sales Assistant, Warehouse, Carlisle.

Believe it or not, this post is not sponsored by Warehouse, but I think they're definitely one of my top shops at the moment...especially as they quite regularly send me discount codes, 20% off? Yes please.  This week they sent me a 25% off code because it's my birthday (too kind, but I also hate them for it!) so I've got my eye on these two skirts, can't decide which one I like better...thoughts?!

           1. Blocked Ditsy Maxi Skirt                                           2. Speckle Print Maxi Skirt

all about the girl

Sunday, 10 June 2012

weekend wishlist #10

These wishlists really are bad for my bank balance, I mean I try and condense it down to about 6 items a week, but I see about 300 others that I also want to add!!  Unfortunately this month I don't think I'll be treating myself to any of these items, I guess I'll just have to wait for next payday.

1. This blouse is so lovely, I like the fact it's really feminine with the floral print and lace collar, but somehow it still looks a bit edgy, not too overly girly, I'd team it with skinny jeans and heels!
2. I've been using a tester of this that I got when I last bought the Double Wear foundation, I'm completely put off by the £50 price tag but I really can see the difference in my skin each morning after using it..what do you guys think? Worth the money?
3. So if you follow me on twitter you'll know I decide to have a cheeky little look on Oasis this morning - bad idea!! Within about two minutes I easily had 6 items in my basket, this was my favourite.  Skater dress with a bumblebee print, would could  be better than that? There's currently 20% off on Oasis dresses too at the moment so it would only be £33.60...
4. Polka dot jeans?! Need I say anymore!
5. Caudalie Beauty Elixir has been doing the beauty blogging rounds and I think I'm yet to read a bad's for skin lacking radiance apparently, I need me one of those.
6. Oooh pretty shoes.  Also doing the blogging rounds at the moment are the spike studded pumps, those ones are a bit too extreme for me, I like that these are slightly more subtle and they look so comfy!

So what's on your wishlist this week? Have I inspired you to add anything to yours?

all about the girl

P.S. Can you tell that the boy has been giving me some Photoshop lessons?! 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

stylist trend on trial, trialled: dewy skin

I'm genuinely not exaggerating when I say I've been dreading this trial since I picked up Stylist on Wednesday morning.  Ever since I abused my skin as a student with too much junk food, too many late nights and an over indulgence of the ol' alcohol, foundation is my best friend.  When I was about 20 I started suffering from really bad skin, and although I don't get many spots now (touch wood!!!!) I feel my skin is still quite damaged.  When I look in the mirror I see acne scars, an uneven complexion, dark circles and the first signs of wrinkles!  Since I started earning money, the one main beauty investment I make is on foundation, I'm prepared to pay good money on it if I'm going to achieve the perfect complexion.

I currently use Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (who doesn't!) but I do like to think I discovered this way before the beauty bloggers did! I've been using it for about a year and I love the full coverage and heavy matte finish it leaves.  I literally paint my face in the morning with foundation, concealer and powder to ensure no blemish is left uncovered. 

So to now embrace dewy skin and let the world wide web see it is filling me with horror.  In preparation, last night I exfoliated, moisturised and slathered my face in Estee Lauder Night Repair Cream, now fingers crossed it's done some good.

 So the verdict? I don't hate it, but I definitely don't like it, and I won't be making it my new look.  I'm sure on those people who are blessed with perfect skin that it looks beautiful, but there is a fine line between dewy and oily, and I definitely don't want to make that mistake.  But for me, I just feel too naked, I'm not comfortable with it, therefore I won't wear it.  

Sorry Joanna but this one just isn't for me!

Do any of you brave dewy skin? If so, I'm very jealous! Btw, check out my new brows...I got them done at Benefit before I went on holiday, and that is without the help of any brow pencils, I love them!! I had them tinted, and tidied up (I'm rubbish at looking after my eyebrows) and I also had my eyelashes tinted as they're naturally fair, I'm just worried that it's now going to become a monthly habit...!

all about the girl

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

birthday jubilee party outfit post

As you all know as I've only mentioned it 67 times, it was my birthday on Sunday but as we were travelling back from our hols I decided to celebrate on Monday instead.  To tie in with all the Jubilee celebrations I decided to have a few friends round for a 'Jubilee' buffet, and then on to the pub for some drinks, and so I thought I'd share with you my birthday outfit.

I really wanted this dress after first seeing Ellie then Vicki in it, as you may, or may not know, I love yellow clothes, especially dresses and this one was just too cute.  Then I saw some of the other girls from the Project Take 10 Challenge also wearing it, and I knew it had to be mine!  All of them, despite their  different shapes, sizes, hair colour and style looked good in it so I knew it was a winner.  As my birthday was coming up I made a subtle hint to the boy, and the next thing I know I was opening it up on Sunday. Ok, ok I admit it, I may have sent him an email with the link to the dress and said 'If you haven't thought of all my presents yet, I'd really like this dress'!

Ideally I would have liked to have styled it with brown brogues but I don't actually own any (what is that about?!) so I just had to make do with what I had in my wardrobe, and here is the final result:


2. Necklace / Watch - Urban Outfitters
3. Bag - Yumi

I tried to stick to a slight Jubilee theme in my outfit, the Queen loves wearing yellow, right? And, check out my London bag! I love this bag, it was a birthday present two years ago but it only comes out now for special occasions.  I used it a bit too much when I first got it and now it's slightly falling to pieces, sad times :(  And finally, the necklace, another birthday present from the boy, which he selected about good taste!

And look, the Queen even came to my party :)

I'm planning on doing another post later in the week to show off the rest of my birthday presents, I haven' had them all yet because of the double bank holiday :( 

Hope you all had good Jubilee weekends and made the most of two extra days off.  Today I have mainly been eating, and watching TV, standard right?!

all about the girl

Monday, 4 June 2012

holiday snaps and outfit posts

I'm back from my hols but not quite back to reality.  As yesterday was my birthday and I spent most of the day in either a plane, a car, or a traffic jam (!) I'm celebrating today with a Jubilee buffet and drinks at the pub.  But I thought I'd get up early to write this post and show you all some of my holiday snaps.

I had an amazing week, and can't recommend Corsica enough, especially if you want to go somewhere that hasn't yet been targeted by Brits aboard, no McDonalds, no Starbucks and no street full of bars with free fishbowls!! The weather was perfect, and the beaches are really beautiful.  So, apologies in advance but it's going to be a pretty heavy picture post!

Firstly, a few holiday shots to give you a sneak peek into my week away:

Couldn't resist putting a couple of my boy in as he usually doesn't get a look in on this blog!! 

Corsica is a mix of mountains, forest, beaches and harbours, with great food (look at that pudding!) and lovely people, although they don't speak much English so if you're thinking of going make sure you take a phrase book with you.

And now for a couple of outfit shots, I didn't manage to get photos from every outfit but thought these few would do :)

 1. Top - River Island 2. Skirt - Topshop 3. Shoes - Office
This top was an early birthday present, I'd seen it in the shop a few times but wasn't sure about it as it was cropped, so when I opened it I figured I just wear it with another vest underneath.  But when I was on holiday I realised that if I teamed it with a high waisted skirt I wouldn't need to wear it with anything else, and voila!
1. Vest - Warehouse 2. Skirt - Topshop
Another early birthday present from the parents (I was allowed to open them early so I could take them on holiday!), this skirt is from Topshop and I was really unsure about it when I opened it, but it's really grown on me.  And how on trend is my mum? Pastels, pleats AND asymmetric, I think she knows more about fashion than me!! 
You'll notice I'm wearing my new heels from Office that I mentioned here and honestly they are the comfiest heels I have ever owned! I wore them one evening when we walked for about 40 mins and my feet were fine - amazeballs!

1. Dress - Warehouse
And last but not least, the maxi dress.  I wore this on our final evening out and for what was technically my birthday meal.  We went to a restaurant with an English chef who had a Michelin star when he worked over here.  It was only 30 Euros for a three course meal, and probably the best (poshest!) food I have ever eaten.
This dress was bought in the Warehouse sale last Summer for a friends wedding and this was only the second time I'd had chance to wear it.  I love how glam you feel in a maxi dress and this one is no exception.  I wore it with the Office heels (again!) and it was a perfect outfit for the end of my hol.

So there you go! That's my holiday in a nutshell, I hope it wasn't too boring for you! If you want to know anything more about my holiday let me know, or if you're thinking about heading to Corsica then I can definitely make some recommendations.

And I still have two days off work!! What are you plans for the long bank holiday?

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Oh, I almost forget - I need to say a massive thank you to Elena from Love212, she blog sat for me while I was away, tweeting and posting my link and I can't thank her enough :) She was amazing! If you are going on holiday and want someone to do this for you then definitely get in touch with Elena - she has more info on her blog! 
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