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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fascinators, florals and frills

In two weeks time I'm off to a wedding.  Being the organised type that I am (yeah right!), a couple of Saturday's ago me and my ma spent the day shopping in Newcastle to find me a dress (yes, if you live in Carlisle you have to travel afar for a days shopping!).  I successfully managed to find the dress below for the bargainous price of £17 in the Warehouse sale.

Dress shopping done a whole month before the wedding!

And I figured at that price, I could treat myself to some new accessories, I'm thinking handbag, something for my hair and possibly shoes.  Less than two weeks to go, and I haven't found said accessories...not so organised now.

So this is when I turn to my delightful bloggers, ideally I'd like to go with the jade green colour, but now that Summer is on the horizon (apparently, it was snowing in Carlisle today) the shops seemed to be filled with pastels, whites and creams.  Not the type of colours that will go with this dress.

Please can you lovely lot send me suggestions, link me up with any ideas that will work with this dress...I have precisely 13 days to go, so not enough time for ordering ebay bargains from China.

Muchos Gracias!

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  1. I say wear it with killer black heels and a clutch to match one of the colours in the dress x

  2. I think black heels (maybe a peeptoe)a bag to match the pink the dress and simple jewellery. Are you going with a fascinator? Marks and Spencers does some nice ones xx

  3. To start with, me being Spanish I have to correct you on the "many thanks" bit at the end, it would be "Muchas gracias".
    Ok, that said, congrats on the dress, it is gorgeous!! and such a bargain!!
    I think finding accessories in fucsia or navy/electric blue will be easier than jade. I assume the wedding is in the morning, since the dress is not long, right?
    so I tend to go to Accessorize for occasion hats and fascinators.

    How about one of these from Crown and Glory (butterflies in purple or the flowery one in blue)

    The shoes shouldn't be too difficult, in fact I would get the shoes in black (you may have them at home already) and wear the bag matching the fascinator.

    Hope I've been of any help! We'll need a picture of you on the wedding day!!


  4. Cute dress, might look good with a belt to, perhaps a thin studded one? Then you could add a studded clutch too ;)

  5. Lovely dress and I'd go with killer heels and a clutch bag as suggested xx

  6. How about getting a vintage bag? You're guaranteed not to have the same one as anyone else that way. If vintage does appeal to you I have a list of affordable UK based vintage sellers on my blog!
    Failing that, I find that New Look have a good selection of bags and shoes.
    Can't wait to see your final outfit once you have picked the accessories. xx

  7. Try some shoes like these -
    A bag like this -
    And a necklace similar to this one -

    Should be good to go! :)

  8. Oooh that dress is gorgeous! Fab find! It is hard to find accessorize with all of the pastels around, I did find these two gorgeous clutches which might be suitable (my personal favourite is the Strenesse Clutch - a little pricier but a gorgeous jade/teal colour and so so cute!)

    Asos Bow Clutch

    Strenesse Clutch

    Hope this helps!
    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  9. I'd go to hobbycraft and buy some beads in the colours of your dress and make some earing, necklace, and bracelet and use the left overs to customise a basic bag :)

  10. You've set a nice task there, just the type I like.
    I've got your handbag here or maybe With high neckline you'd need either a long necklace, maybe something to remind you of recent holidays,acc_2.1/3821607000,acc_2.3/3820593000 or more statement,acc_2.3/3820120300 and a load of mixed braclets. If you want a fascinator type thing or hope one of these help. Amanda.

    1. Argh don't know why links didn't work, you'd have to cut and paste sorry.

  11. Lovely dress! I would go with a simple black heels and clutch and a few statement rings in the colors of the dress. Plus, a messy bun would look great! Hope it helps ;)

  12. We have got the lovliest fascinator-ey gadget that you would look Fabulous in with that dress. I always think these kinds of things are a bit old fashioned but this on is a beautiful black satin band with a twirl of black netting on top. that, with your lovely blond hair up/down and lashings of black eyeliner and plum-ey lips would look fab on you.

    Then maybe a lovely oversized clutch in one of the colours in your dress. Sorted!!!!

  13. I love the dress, the colours are gorgeous. Accessorize have got some gorgeous pieces at the mo xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  14. your dress so much beautiful.Now a days youth prefers to carry fashionable but comfortable clothes. They are more creative and innovative.These dress are absolutely stunning,those picture really great and and specially women'sclothing's are very impressive So thanks for sharing all that important information.


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