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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

home wishlist #1

It's been a looooong time since I did a wishlist, and since I seem to spend my days eating, drinking and sleeping homeware I thought why not do an interiors wishlist, rather than the usual pretty dresses and make-up must haves!

We moved into our house 5 weeks ago, and although there is still lots to do, things to buy and walls to paint, it's starting to feel like home.  It's just all those bits that we need now that aren't priorities (apparently beds, sofas and kitchen tables are more important, who'd have thought?), but the things I really want to start buying.

So here it is, all those bits and bobs we don't need that I really want...the boy really wants a bigger TV, hrmm!

1.  So I have no idea where we would put this, but it looks good and if we could squeeze it in the hall somewhere it would stop all the pairs of shoes, post and other items that get dumped at the bottom of the stairs...ok, it would stop me dumping everything at the bottom of the stairs!
2. I never knew I could spend so much time thinking about lamps, we're hunted high and low (the shops of Carlisle) for a lamp or two for our living room, without much success.  This little beauty matches our colour scheme perfectly, and the pewter base makes it really original.
3. I love the ladder style shelves that are around at the moment, but these M&S ones are a bit more unique, I'm a big book fan and so the more bookshelves I can fill the house with, the better.
4.  Me and the boy are in a bit of a duel right now, we both agree that we need a radio for our bedroom, he wants an ugly one with a big digital clock that lights up so he can see what time it is in the night, I want a pretty one that will match the room and play Radio 1...!
5. So you may notice a recurring theme, me trying to convince the boy and now its that the space we have in our living room is just shouting out for this chair, he's not so me convince him otherwise?
6.  I have a real thing about retro/retro style furniture and this chest of drawers is no exception, I can picture it now on our landing!

Keep your eyes peeled because I am going to be posting some before and after home pics...we just need to buy a few more things first ;)


  1. My friend has a Pure Evoke Mio radio too, but she got an Orla Kiely print one! Have you seen them? It's so cute! I'm jealous of her haha!
    Hope you win your duel :p tell your boyfriend he can keep a watch or phone on his side of the bed to check in the night as long as you can have a pretty radio :p
    Keep us updated if you win that one! Haha!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  2. YES! I've been preparing to move out and have been doing the same thing. I love looking at the bits that I could decorate with. I was talking to my friend and she wants to buy used furniture and Pinterest refurbish it. I absolutely love that first drawer chest. It's so weathered beachy, my favorite style ever.

    Urban Outfitters Apartment section has so many retro pieces and weird chotchkies, it's perfect.

    Little Red Umbrellas

  3. I love the retro look. What lovely choices and the radio is darling!
    Une Jolie Vie


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