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Monday, 29 April 2013

a plea...the missing blazer

This is going to seem  like a completely random and odd post, but I have a plea!

A couple of months ago I purchased this beautiful blazer from House of Fraser, and I can't say I ever loved a piece of clothing as much as I loved this, yes I know that seems a bit ridiculous but 'tis true.  It looked great with jeans, but worked perfectly with a black dress for work.  I must have worn it almost every day for two weeks....then I lost it!

I say lost, I actually think it was stolen...yes you probably think I'm totally over-reacting but I'm  not.  In the same evening a couple of friends handbags got stolen.

Anyway, I've been pining after it ever since, and was hoping you lovely lot may be able to help.  I'm more than happy to pay for it again, but I think it's pretty much sold is the link to the nude version (which I don't want, fyi!):,default,pd.html?isVariantRedirect=true

SO if any of you own it, know anyone who owns it, know any contacts at House of Fraser who can pull strings...PLEASE HELP! I will be forever in your debt.

Many thank yous :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

ted baker ss13 competition

It's been a while since I entered a competition, so I thought I'd give the Ted Baker SS13 Blogger Competition a go! Although I've never actually owned anything from Ted Baker (partly because it hurts me a little bit inside to spend so much money) I think their clothes are really beautiful, they always look so classic!, with a real edge...right up my street!

The challenge was to pick three of my favourite items from , explain why I picked them and when I would wear them...and then £75 of Ted Baker vouchers could be mine!

So here are my items:

As soon as I spotted this skirt I knew I had to put together my outfit with this being the star! I love maxi skirts for Summer, they're perfect for all occasions, and this one, with all the different colours with the floral print is ideal for days sitting in the park, having a pint in the pub beer garden, or strolling along the beach on holidays.

Teaming it with a simple white vest, and some cool aviator sunglasses makes this outfit easy to wear, but look amazing.  And when the weather gets a bit cooler, sling on a denim jacket, and grab an oversized clutch bag with all your wordly possessions're good to go!

So what do you think? Is my outfit a winner? I certainly hope so!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'd like you to meet...

my new handbag! I say new, I've had it for a good month now, but I felt the time had come to introduce said handbag to you all.

The day I purchased this beauty wasn't a good day, I'd travelled down to London the day before for a party, and let's just say the party got a little messy.  I blame a lack of food...oh, and the numerous shots that were consumed, and what followed was a killer hangover.  I had planned to spend the day shopping, but I wasn't able to move, let alone enter a shop until midday.

I spent the morning cursing myself as the hours went by, and shops weren't being entered.  However, I eventually managed to crawl (that's not an exaggeration) out of bed, and face the world.  Ten minutes later, and I was wasn't happening, but en-route back to my hotel room I knew I couldn't possibly leave without a trip to my favourite Urban Outfitters, clothes was going to be too painful, the thought of trying something on was far too much energy, but bag shopping..yes I could do that.  And that is how me and my lovely new jade green bag came to be.

I hope you appreciate it, and the pain I went through to get it, as much as I do.

Urban Outfitters - same as this one...but green!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I am a homeowner...almost

Life lately has been a little chaotic to say the least, and it's going to get more so, but I can't complain, the boy and I have bought a house.  Yes, a real, whole house.  Which means you're much more likely to find me perusing the aisles of Next Home these days, than spending my Saturday's in Topshop.

I'm not complaining, we've been a pair of boring old farts for the last few years, saving all of our pennies for this very day, and how excited am I! But for you lot, it means my blog may now be filled with pictures of cutlery, crockery and all things house. 

But from this moment forth, I am making a pledge to get back into my blogging routine, although for the time being there is still going to be a lot less outfit and beauty posts because I am temporarily separated from my willing photographer.  So instead, I'm going to be waffling about my new house...I hope one doesn't mind.

The plan is to eventually show you some before and after pictures, although the house doesn't need much decoration we have decided to do some, just to make it feel like ours...and I'll drip feed you some teasers with our plans...

First, the Dining Room:

This was the room I was least interested in, but we've since decided that we're going to make it a Dining Room-cum-Music-y-Room! Yeah, that well known room...the Music-y Room.  We both love music, who doesn't, but the boy is a real keen singer-songwriter, so this is going to be the room where we keep a couple of his guitars, I'm thinking either side of the fireplace, all our CD's, and other music related paraphernalia.

But not only is he a musician, he can paint...(don't you just hate those people who get all the talents while you're with none?) so in prime position above said fireplace we'll be showing off his Beatles artwork.

Then on another wall, we're thinking a wall of framed album covers...kinda like these, but I feel ours will probably look much less cool:

And I'd like some really cool lighting...maybe something like this:
3. Next

But now I'm just getting carried away...I guess a dining room really needs a dining table!

So I hope you don't mind my home related posts, but the reality is, it's all I'm going to be thinking about for the next few months...I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions though :)

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