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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

the start of a long search

It's that time of year again when I start the quest for the perfect pair of winter boots.  I started my hunt a couple of weeks ago, and as yet, I still don't think I've found 'the' pair.  The problem with boots is, they're expensive (for good quality) and therefore I want them to meet a long list of criteria.  

Living up North means it rains, a lot, well, pretty much all the time in Winter, so I want my feet to remain dry and toasty.  It's also pretty hilly up here, so although I definitely want a bit of a heel this year, they need to be comfy.  They also need to look good (of course!) but I probably need something simple at the moment, that will go with lots of outfits.  I already have a few pairs of studded boots, and some different colours, so I think, I have to face facts that it's really black that I need.

So here's my current shortlist:

1. Bertie Zip and Buckle Block Heel Ankle Boot - £115
2. Kurt Geiger Black Mid Heel Suede Ankle Boot - £75
3. Topshop Athena Lace Up Ankle Boot - £70
4. Office Beeline Chelsea Black Line - £70
5. Office Understanding Burgundy Leather - £85
6. Zara Basic High Heel Leather Ankle Boot - £60

What do you think? Do I settle for one of the above, or continue the search for a bit longer??

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

before and after: the dining room

Some of my favourite type of blog posts are the home ones, now that I have my own home, I'm obsessed...I've even become known to create a mood-board or two. It may be because I'm nosy (most likely), or it may be after ten years of living in rented accommodation  it's nice to know I can actually do things like decorating and spend money on making rooms look pretty, rather than trying to hide damp spots, and dodgy stains on the carpet.

And the best type of home posts (in my humble opinion) are 'Before and After' room shots...and after seeing all of the lovely Sarah's, I swore I'd do the same when our house was finished.  So, a mere 14 weeks after we got the keys, we have finally completed one room, GO US!

So here it is, our Dining Room.  The room I blogged about here, the room I was most about excited about decorating, and the room we spend the least amount of time in, hrmm:



We always wanted this room to have a bit of a music theme to it, somewhere the boy could come and strum his guitar...while admiring his handywork.  He painted those Beatles prints years ago, and they've moved from home to home with him!

Choosing to paint the walls grey didn't initially go down well with the 'rents, but with  having so much colour from our artwork in this room, I knew we needed something simple that wouldn't clash with any of the other colours.  But to our surprise, both sets of parents have now agreed that the grey looks really good...we knew what we were doing!

We stole the vinyl idea from a magazine, it looks good, and means we can change the sleeves whenever we fancy something different!  And, when the boys dad found these frames in Home Bargains at only £1.99 a pop, we couldn't resist!! We're still building our vinyl collection though, and I'm sure some of these will be replaced quite soon with other albums we like better...but for now, these make a good talking point.

Yes, a slightly pretentious element to the room.  Before the house agreement had fully gone through, we were desperate to buy something house-y, of course all the practical things were by-the-by and it seemed completely sensible at the time to buy a record player.  I'd seen this one on Emma and Elsie's blog, and showed it to the boy, him being an even bigger music fan than me, was 'adding to basket' almost immediately.  And it doesn't just look pretty, we can play the music on our walls now too.

The old radio was an AMAZING house warming pressie from some of our friends, they'd found it in Warwick Tower (an awesome vintage store in Carlisle) and apparently had been told it may not work.  We didn't care as it looked so good in the corner of our room, but we plugged it in and after a few crackles and wheezes we tuned into Japan!!! The quality isn't great, but the whole thing lights up and it has a real nostalgic feel to it...I don't know what living in the war was like (obvs) but tuning this in, and listening to long wave radio, I can imagine...

This 60's print collage, I like to pretend I made, but we actually bought it from a vintage fair that was on at the South Bank in London a few years ago, I have no idea what the name of the stall we bought it from was, sorry!  I mainly liked it because it has a tiny little 'Radio Caroline''s all about me.

Some more impressive artwork by the boy, the 'Love' canvas he painted for my bedroom before we lived together...ahh, what a sweetie.  And the portraits of the two of us he did when we lived with our best friends, he did one of all four of us, and now we've parted ways, we've taken our paintings with us! 

And finally, our old super uncomfortable Ikea sofa, spruced up with a new cover! And Next have done us proud since we've moved into our new home, almost to the point where I was starting to worry our house looked like a Next show room, I've put my foot down now, but we couldn't resist these cushions, particularly as the Good Day Sunshine one fits in nicely with the music theme.  
So there you have it...that's our dining room, now we just need to have lots of dinner parties!

Monday, 9 September 2013

birds of a feather....dress

Shoes - ASOS - old!!!

It was only the weekend before last that these photos were taken but the change in weather makes it seem like months ago, gone are the days of sunshine and longer nights, and say hello to hours and hours of least that what we seem to have up in the North, it's probably still 30 degrees in London!

I'd been eyeing this Sugarhill Boutique dress up for a while, but for a change I ummed and ahhed long enough for it to go in the sale...that never happens, I usually snap it up and a day later it's got 50% off, the story of my life!

This beauty is totally different to the type of thing I usually go for, I love the style of it with the collar and nipped in waist, and the different colours with all the feathers make it really unique.  But, and yes there is a but, it's a nightmare to iron, as a rule, I don't really 'do' ironing if I can help it, and 20 minutes later I was still working on this dress, which unfortunately means it may be one that stays in the wardrobe for much longer than it should!

In hindsight, I shouldn't have worn it with black tights...or with the blue loafers, but hey, that's what hindsight is there for, we all make mistakes!

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