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Thursday, 14 November 2013

the riding house cafe - a brunch of kings!

Last weekend the boy and I treated ourselves to a few days in London Town, my best friend had just moved back to England, and with the boy still working down there, it seemed like a good time to tag a few days on the end and enjoy catching up with old friends, treat myself to a bit of retail therapy and eat some good food!

A couple of weeks before the trip I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled across Lily's picture of a pretty tasty looking breakfast.  Within seconds I was drooling over various different plateful's of food that looked too good to be true.  After a good five minutes of 'mmms' and 'ahhhs' the boy caved and asked what I was looking at, I showed him a sizeable portion of Full English at 'some' cafe called The Riding House! So it only turns out that he walks past The Riding House Cafe every morning on his way to work, and had always fancied going due to it's buzzing atmosphere, and stream of 'important looking business breakfasts', and we were sold.  Table for two booked.

Now I don't generally do foodie posts (although something I'm not hesitating to do more of!) but we successfully managed to take zero pictures of ourselves, or any picturesque sights (it rained the whole time it was there) while we were in London, but this brunch deserved a endless stream of photographs, and yes, a whole blog post dedicated to it!

We were booked in for 10.30 on a Saturday morning, and the cafe was already heaving.  With a real bohemian vibe, the sweet smell of coffee, and the biggest lampshade I've ever seen (sadly no photo!) I knew I was going to make the most of this.

A good ten minutes uhming and ahhing over the menu, I knew I couldn't go for anything other than the buttermilk pancakes, the boy settled on scottish smoked salmon & scrambled eggs, and we treated ourselves to a cheeky side portion on danish pastries.  Add to that a latte and a white coffee, a couple of fresh juices, its safe to say we rolled out the door with a smile on our faces and a belly fit to burst!

5 years living in London, and I only discover this place after I've left...slightly regretting that move back up North now!

P.S. Re-reading this post sounds like a sponsored post/they gave me a free brekkie for a good review....well (unfortunately) they didn't! It really is just one of the best brunches I've ever had!

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