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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

paris, london, new back garden

If you've been heading over here for a while now, I'm sure you'll be quite accustomed to me announcing that my recent purchase is 'my new favourite X', well here I am with the latest.

This Sugarhill Boutique Around the World dress, courtesy of Beau Boutique is just an absolute winner in my books, from it's pretty iconic buildings print, to it's chiffon flare skirt and cute black collar...teamed with tights and ankle boots, and it's easily become my dress to wear to every occasion! And I mean literally, the boy is sick of the sight of it.

I'd never heard of Beau Boutique until Hania got in touch, and it's certainly somewhere I'll be frequenting more often.  Once again, my Northern bias comes in, but it turns out the beautiful boutique is based just up the road from of course I suggest you all go on and check out her site.  She specialises in Celebrity Inspired Fashion, but with the likes of my favourite Sugarhill Boutique, and others such as Motel and In Love with Fashion available, then I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Dress* - Sugarhill Boutique
Boots - New Look
I know I'll be back, as I've already got my eye on the tartan skirt, and the red skater dress...may just have to add those to my Christmas List, Santa, are you reading this?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

a winter wonderland...m&s style

I've always been one of those massively annoying people that loves Christmas, from crazy Christmas Shoppers, the smell of Christmas coffees, and the all important Coca-Cola advert!  I even count down the days until the red cups arrive in Starbucks, but that's more because I can't resist a Gingerbread Latte.

But one rule I stand firmly by, is that your house should not be filled with Christmas decorations until (at the very least) the 1st December.

Decorating the house this year was going to be even more exciting, it's the first year for me and the boy in our own home.  And meticulous planning was going into this day, from our breakfast, to picking a tree, to making chocolate crispie cakes (a weird festive ritual for me and him).  So when Marks and Spencer contacted me asking if I would like to take part in their Christmas Challenge to decorate a room in my house from their Christmas Shop I absolutely jumped at the chance...If we'd already our tree, I'd have rocked around it!

With it being our first Christmas living in our own place together, we didn't already own any decorations, other than a few piece cobbled together (e.g. stolen from the 'rents) we needed to buy everything.  I was literally like a kid in a candy shop in M&S, and pretty much squealed at every Christmas item.

I wanted to turn our living room into a Winter Wonderland, and so we decided to decorate with white and silver to match the blue colours that are already in the room.

So just to give you the full's a couple of before pictures:
Our very own Winter Wonderland
1234. 5. 6. 

A cute snow globe, some white lights in vases, a silver decorative Christmas tree, a pine cone garland and some LED Silver Twigs adds a bit of sparkle to our fireplace. 
1. 2. 3. 4

Beautiful delicate baubles make our Christmas tree look  beautiful, but a fir tree scented candle makes our room smell like Christmas too!
And with a roaring fire...I never want to leave our Winter Wonderland full of 'Magic and Sparkle' again! 

Monday, 2 December 2013

a little bit of lace

I've never really been a big one of shopping in M&S! 
Lingerie? Tick  
Food? Tick 
Presents for the 'rents? Tick 

Party dress for me? Erm...maybe not.

I knew M&S had really pulled their fingers out in the last few years, upping the ante, and trying to target a younger generation, and I must admit I think they've been doing well.  But it's only really been this year that I've actually sat up and taken note.  It helps that this years Christmas advert has to the best advert...ever (eat your heart out John Lewis!), but M&S really have hit the nail on the end, who doesn't want that cream dress after seeing Rosie HW prancing about in the snow in it?

Their new AW13 range has embraced this Season's trends, and all my favourites...lace, tartan, leather to name a few.  So when I was asked if I wanted to review one of their new pieces and showcase how I will be wearing it, I was very willing to accept the challenge.

After much deliberation, and I mean much, I settled on a simple black lace dress, knowing that I'd be able to wear it over and over again, it's already front runner for Christmas Day!

I always think lace generally speaks for itself, it's best not to over-style it but I knew I wanted to add a slightly rockier edge.  So by adding the chunky buckle boots (my new, most favourite things ever!) and a plum lip, keeps the look in line with my own style, but still fully embracing the lace trend.

Dress* - M&S
Boots - New Look

I really think this dress is a dream, it fits perfectly, it's really good quality (I'd expect nothing less M&S) and I think it'll be hanging around for much longer than just this Winter!

And given that I've got numerous Christmas parties this year, it makes sense to go and check out this little cream number? I'll look just like RHW, right?
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