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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

the challenge: week 1

Women's Health and Adidas Trainers

So here we are, 1 week after my big new year announcement, and 1 week into January.

As you can see, I've bought myself some new kicks, and purchased a copy of Women's Health, both of those things mean your fitness levels are immediately doubled right? I mean, just reading Women's Health makes me feel like I can run a marathon, and live off protein shakes and salads.

Ok, so I've done a little more than that.  I've got to admit, I started off this week feeling more motivated about exercise in my life, then I went to a circuits class and that motivation seemed to fall of the edge of a cliff as I was being repeatedly lapped by everyone else in the class.... yeah, me and running aren't friends. 

In fact, it's the running I'm most nervous about in Total Warrior, someone can give me a leg up over a high wall, and I'm pretty sure I can wade through mud, but run 10k?! And some of it over hills?  I can't run 10 minutes without stopping for 8 of those to get my breath back.  So this is where I really need to focus my training, I'm getting the boy (should I call him the mr now we're wed?) to take me for a 'jog' on Saturday.  We have done this twice before in our 7 year relationship, both times I've sworn I would never do it again, so you might want to wish me luck with that.

An adidas OOTD
I thought I'd add my OOTD, cos' you know, I technically used to call myself a 'fashion' blogger. So here I am in my finest gear, #postsponsoredbyadidas, not really, I just happened to be super co-ordinated tonight and what better time to show it off!
But back to the circuits, (the picture above is headless because I'd just got home, and no-one needs to see my red face and hair slicked back...with sweat, attractive), usually on a Wednesday night I do a gentle yoga class, the sort where you spend ten minutes at the end lying on your back with your eyes closed, which I usually spend planning what I'm going to eat as soon as I get home, but since our gym got flooded (along with most of Cumbria) not all classes are back up and running.   Hence why I ended up in a circuits class with 50 other much, much fitter people than me.

But, I survived!! And I'm here telling my tale.  Well, I say tale, that's all I really have to say about it, it wasn't fun, it was hard, but I did it.

And on a serious note, if any of you have any tips for how I can somehow get this ass to run, then that would be very much appreciated.

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  1. So happy to see you back blogging again! What a fab goal! I'm obviously no expert on these matters, but I did a post all about running with some tips here... I did Gelt Gladiator last year, which was a beginner event, at only 6k, was so much fun! Def hard, I couldn't do many of the massive fences and walls and upper body obstacles. Top tip would be to train going over fences! I got up one but then panicked at the top cos it was taller than me and I couldn't get off! hehe. (But I'm a massive wuss!) Best of luck with your training, you will be fab. x


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