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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

the challenge: week 2 - running

The dreaded run....

Which was every bit as awful as I anticipated.  I think it's become so transfixed in my mind that 
1. I  hate running and 
2. I just can't run that I have lost any ability I may have.

So me and The Mr dragged ourselves out of bed on Saturday morning to avoid the rain and head out on my first run of the year, my first run in my training plan for Total Warrior and my first run ahead of a lot, lot more dreaded runs.

I managed 3k, by managed I mean it was interspersed with A LOT of walking, and it still took 20 minutes, and I still hated every minute of it.  Other than the satisfaction of knowing I'd get out of bed on a Saturday and gone for a run... unheard of!

But, the reality is, I've got to keep going, I've got to be able to run 10k by August and that's got to include some hills!!!

What I can't understand is, I can survive a 60 minute Body Combat class, I can get through a circuits class and I can enjoy an hour long dance class, so why is running for longer then 10 minutes so impossible for me? 

This is where I need your help, please let me know of apps, blogs, imaginary personal trainers that scream in your ear that you use to help you, because at the moment, I feel like I need a miracle...

P.S. If you would like to sponsor me, I'd very much appreciate it, you kind find my justgiving page here which tells you a little bit more about why I'm doing this.

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  1. I've been recommended the app C25k but haven't tried it. Might be worth looking into x


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