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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

the challenge: week 3 - feeling sorry for myself

So my whole January kick-starting my training, working out 6 days out of 7 has gone to pot.  I've been ill!! I never get ill.  In fact, I was even proudly declaring to friends on Saturday that I hadn't had a sick day for over 3 years, and then what happened? Sunday I'm hit with the dreaded lurgy, I guess you could say it's my own fault for bragging but I was not expecting this!

This is the first time in years that I've actually been completely wiped out which means exercise has had to well and truly take a back seat.  I am disappointed as I had been doing so well with my first two weeks of training, but I guess it's better to rest and get well quicker than try and drag myself to a class just to feel even worse after.

So I've spent the last 3 days  moving from the sofa to bed, I'm hoping to make it into work tomorrow and all going well, I'd like to get back to the gym on Thursday.

I've got plans though, plans to spend money with the intention it'll help out with my running, that's the sensible thing to do right?! I just read Jo's post (go check out her blog, it's a good 'un) about all her running essentials.  Jo has really inspired me to learn to love running (well, try to learn), but first I need all the gear.  The wireless headphones are top of my list, but I'm also going to be compiling some running playlists, and I probably need some gloves too...well I have to look the part.

I'm also trying to find some running / exercising blogs so if anyone has any recommendations then let me know.  I'm a big fan of Lydia's blog, and have recently become obsessed with Chloe Madeley's blog FitnessFondue, she is my current #bodygoals , she looks amazing, I dream of having abs like that!

But for now, I'm sticking to the sofa, feeling sorry for myself and filling my body with Vitamin C.

You can read here why I''ve signed up to do Total Warrior in 2016, hence my January training plan!


  1. Thanks so much for the little mention, super kind of you. I'm so glad you are finding my running posts useful. I never thought I would love running in a million years, but you can get there. Just have to think positively, say nice things about running... haha! Once you can get going a little way and don't feel yuk and sick it feels SO good! Run down that big hill of yours, I love running down that street, kind of gives me momentum for keeping going.... Hope you feel better soon.. x


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