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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

the challenge: 7 breakfasts

(Technically this is 8, but whose counting?)

Who doesn't love a blog post about food? It’s one of my favourite type of posts to read, I think that might be partly down to the fact I'm a greedy bitch, but also because I'm always look for an inspiration on new things to cook.  I really enjoy cooking, and have a plethora of recipe books, but it doesn't stop me reading blogs and Instagram posts for new ideas.

So, I thought I’d share some of the things I've been eating recently.  If you follow me on Instagram (go follow me, it’s all photos of food and sweaty selfies – who wouldn't want to see that?!), then you’ll know I'm on a mainly ‘clean’ diet (6 days a week-ish!) and have been pretty much using the Lean in 15 cookbook as my bible of late, but, I still like to create my own concoctions too.

Let’s talk about breakfast.  I'm one of those people who can’t really function without breakfast, those people who claim they can't face food in the morning, who are they?? I regularly wake up hungry, and immediately start thinking about what I'm going to eat… that can't just be me?
Anyway, for the last few weeks I've mainly been living off oats, I think it was borderline becoming an addiction, and my go-to breakfast was either porridge (with a plethora of toppings) or overnight oats with my favourite grated apple and mixed seeds.  However, in my quest to ‘get lean’ I've realised that I should perhaps be cutting down on carb-heavy starts to the day, and upping my protein (I feel like some crazy body-builder talking like this) so in the last 2 days that’s what I've done.  I am struggling though with having a super savoury breakfast and am missing my beloved oats, so if anyone can recommend some alternatives that would satisfy my sweet tooth, keep me full to lunch AND stay fairly low in carbs, then send them my way.

And here is a picture of some pancakes, because everyone loves pancakes! I wish I could take the credit for these bad boys, but I had these in Jackson & Rye in London a few weeks ago, and they were SO good… and part of my 1 cheat day a week plan, moderation and all that.


And if you're wondering why I'm talking all things health and fitness, and not a lot else over here these days, then you can read here all about my 2016 challenge to enter Total Warrior, and if you'd like to sponsor me, which would be amazing, you can do here.


  1. This has actually given me some inspiration and I really like the look of the peach bowl (I'm kind of obsessed with peach!) great post x

    1. Ahh I'm glad you like it! I can't wait for Summer so all the berries and peaches etc are really tasty, then breakfast might get even more exciting! : ) xx


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