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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

the active in style in wishlist

Active in Style
So I definitely don’t need any new workout clothes, my drawer that currently holds them is already crammed full, and I’m genuinely contemplating getting rid of some normal clothes to make room for more workout clothing… who and what have I become?

It doesn't help that Active In Style keep sending me emails and tickling my taste buds, and my basket on the site is almost as full as my actual real life drawer, so I thought I’d put together a wishlist of my favourite items, you know, to help enable you guys, and it’s been so long since I did a wishlist I thought it was time I rectified that, any excuse to go window shopping hey!

So onto the goods...

1. Varley Alta Crop - I love Varley, and I think I’ve mentioned them one or two times on this blog before (it doesn't help that one of my fave bloggers Anna is often sporting their kit!), but despite that I have yet to buy anything from their collection, it’s just that little bit out of my comfort zone in terms of price, but maybe it’s time to re-consider for this beautiful sports bra? I loves it!

2. Adidas Three Quarter Graphic Tights - What to say about these?  Err, they are effing amazing! My workout wardrobe currently consists mainly of black, grey and purple items, (which is actually accidental, I don't tend to try and co-ordinate my gym gear, I'm just not that organised) so just think how easily these would slot in, it's like its meant to be...

3. Lorna Jane Seamless G String  - This might be too much information, but I’m not really a g-string wearer, but I suffer with serious paranoia that I’ve got a bad VPL going on when I’m wearing lycra, particularly when I’m downward dogging… so I feel like these would be the answer to my knicker line worries.  

4. LilyBod Piper LeggingI mean if you’re a fitness fan, then you probably have an affinity with leggings, I think it’s just something that comes with the job, err, the exercise.  However these beauties are worth making an exception for, plus I keep seeing fitness fanatics popping up on Instagram wearing these which just makes me want them even more.

5. Adidas Pure Boost X  - I couldn’t really do a wishlist without mentioning these Adidas trainers, they are all over my Instagram feed at the moment, and to be honest, I don’t need another pair of kicks but I just want to get involved, I’m also fairly convinced they’ll make me run faster cos’ that’s how it works right?  I'm also a big Zanna Van Dijk fan (read this fan girl post) and she's currently promoting them so that's another perfectly reasonable reason to buy them, isn't it?

6. Onzie Elastic Back Tank - Despite having an overflowing drawer of gym kit, I am somehow lacking in tops, given these get the sweatiest (tmi?) I could do with more of an endless supply so, well, so I can avoid doing washing even more.  I love the simplicity of this top, and I like the fact it’s lose fitting, definitely one that would improve my collection.

Now, I happen to work in a job which allows me to wear whatever I want, but I am starting to worry though that soon the lines will become blurred and I no longer differentiate between gym wear and normal clothes, so if any local readers spot me heading to my office in attire that looks suspiciously lycra-like, then please bring me back to my senses!

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