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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

the perfect protein pancakes...

Protein Pancakes

I've always wanted this blog to be open and honest, and while it'd be nice for people to come here for inspiration I know I'm never going to be one of those bloggers that readers aspire to be like.  Take my last post for example, while I want to be a yogi, I know I'm far from it.  

So, I've been thinking, and I'm going to continue blogging in exactly the same way as I do, but with a little more reality and a little less rose tinted-ness.  I want to blog and health and fitness, and have abs and rave about my 10k runs with a PB that I've just done, but the reality is, I eat too much chocolate to get abs, and I'm incapable of running further than 5k at the moment, my legs just refuse to go any further, and I don't look glamorous at the end of my workouts.

And today? Well today I was off to a good 'ideal blogger lifestyle' start, I had the day off work (that's a story for another day) so I got up, I made a protein smoothie (I really did!), I took a few photos (terrible quality, I'm an awful photographer), then I headed to a couple of classes, box fit, where I sweated like a crazy person, then a vinyasa yoga class where I spent the whole time waiting for the lying down bit at the end.

But the real highlight? I decided to give protein pancakes a go.  These things fill my Instagram feed, perfectly shot photos (their food must be cold by the time they get those snaps right?), stacks of symmetrical fluffy pancakes, topped with an assortment of delicious toppings, and the Instagrammer raving about the macros (I still don't know what that means).  As I'd recently got some strawberries and cream protein powder, and after my morning of working out, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a go.

So I set too, got out my Lean in 15 recipe book, had my camera at the ready, because you know, these were gonna be good, and I started cooking.  All was going well, the batter was made, they smelt good and the pan was ready.

Well, they didn't stay circular for long, they stuck to the bottom when I tried to flip them, and one of them just completely collapsed.

So, I piled them up, hid them bad ones, coated them in yoghurt and strawberries and snapped away, and now, I almost look like the kinda person who spends their days working out, and eating protein pancakes...

Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

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  1. Haha I love your tongue in cheek approach to fitness blogging!
    I prefer to see and hear more realistic tales from real life people. Life isn't perfect and neither are we - we're all just doing the best we can! Sometimes we exercise and eat protein pancakes, and sometimes we eat a years supply of chocolate in our pjs while binge watching Netflix! All about the balance ;)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories


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