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Friday, 28 October 2016

53% protein - that's good, right?!

coconut multipower bar

At the moment, my Instagram feed is full of people opening boxes of the latest banana flavoured Grenade bars.  I've never tried a Grenade bar, but these things seem to be 'the bomb' in the world of fitness bloggers and macro counters.

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that despite trying to fool myself into thinking that I might be a 'health and fitness blogger', I actually am doing a pretty bad job.  And while I'd love Grenade to send me a box full of their bars (hint hint Grenade!) I'd be reviewing them purely on taste because 23g of protein means nothing to me, I do like the fact they're called carb killa's though, and for that reason alone, I'd probably eat a box full in one go.

Anyway, the lovely people at Multipower have been following my quest to get fit and healthy, and whilst they know I'm not really any good at the science of it all, they keep sending me their products to review, and I'm not complaining.

multipower protein bars

Last time it was their protein smoothie's which got a big thumbs up from me, this time it's their new low sugar high protein bars.  Again, the protein content means nothing to me, but emblazoned on the front of the bars it declares '53% protein' and I figure, that's gotta be good.

I haven't tried many protein bars, ok, I haven't tried any other than these, so I have nothing to compare to, but I imagine they're a bit like a glorified chocolate bar, only not as sickly sweet and you can fool yourself into thinking you're eating something that's good for you.  However, a little internet research tells me that's not always the case, and actually a lot of them have as much calories and sugar as a normal chocolate bar...not ideal.

I guess the appeal of them is the ease, I'm often leaving a workout knowing a won't be eating again for a couple of hours, and don't have the time (or kitchen if I'm not heading home) to whizz up a quick shake, so carrying a protein bar in my bag means I've always got it to hand, and it's a quick fix after my class. 

So what do I think? Well in terms of the nutritional information, they're 200 calories a bar, they've got 23g of protein and 1.5g of sugar.  Being a previous myfitnesspal junkie, those 200 calories don't please me, but, I understand in the world of protein bars, this is actually pretty good. And 1.5g of sugar? Yeah, that's nice and low too.

But back to the 200 calories, in all honestly, I'd rather eat a mars I know that's not the point, but these aren't quite hitting the spot for me.

The cookies and cream, and berry yoghurt are a slightly odd texture, really chewy and rubbery, is that normal? Well if it is, it isn't for me.  Also, given they're so low in sugar they're super sweet, but again, that might just be me.  If you're a fan of yoghurt coated raisins/berries then you'll love the berry one, but it's just not to my taste.

The chocolate and coconut on the other hand, I'm a much bigger fan of.  The coconut was kinda like a more chewy bounty, and the chocolate tasted more like your standard chocolate bar.  

I guess not being a connosseur, I have nothing to compare them too, but in terms of ease they're a winner.  The coconut and chocolate I'd definitely have again.  The berry and cookies n' cream, I'll leave for those with a sweeter tooth.

And I'm guessing these are good for my macros too, right?!

gym bag


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